Frequently Asked Questions

"Please read frequently asked questions before submiting support ticket."

What is GooDooClix?

GooDooClix is Professional advertising company who are selling advertisements with revenue sharing service. We offer you an opportunities to earn with us. GooDooClix provide high demand of advertising and high rewards opportunities and also we help you to find a way to earn long-term business.

How to make money on GooDooClix?

You start your earning just by browsing our advertisers websites. You also earn high value from view ads section and You will also receive 10% purchase commission from your direct referrals.

How can i join your program?

Simply, submit your user information on our registration page. It will take only 1 minus to register with us.

Can I own more than 1 account?

No,one user can only own 1 account only.

How much earn from rented referrals?

We provide highly active referrals where you can earn on daily basis commission from your referrals. You can rent referrals for 30 days period and extend upto 365 days.

How Free Golden Membership work?

Free Golden membership saves your 10$ cost for first month. It's work normally with your account and boost your earning.

When can i receive payment?

It will take 01 to 12 hours ,but we need review all the payment before sending. It will take maximum 7 days.

How many payment processor we support?

We accept payments via:

  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin

Can I change my upline ?

No,we don't change any upline,so please make sure that its correct upline when you sign up.

How Free 100 Referral(s) pack work?

Free 100 Referral(s) assign to every new members who just signup. You can check your referral average and earning on daily basis, post your valueable comments on the website and before cashout, you must pay the 100 Referral Cost $20 (completely or partialy).

Can I reset my account as Standard Member?

If you don't want to pay the 100 referrals(s) cost then you can reset your account at any time which convert your account to Standard member. Your earning from rented referrals only deleted automatically. Other earning from advertisements remains in your account balance and you can withdraw it as Standard member.